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Membership dues are $15 for the year or $25 for a couple. You can pay in-person or online.

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We meet the first Thursday each month at 6:30 p.m. Currently meetings are virtual through Zoom.

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Our events include fun gatherings, committee meetings, candidate forums, and more!

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144 E. Main Street in Elkton

Stop by for signs, pamphlets, information or to help us phone bank and canvass!

Street parking out front. Parking available outback (requires stairs). The front entrance does have two steps, but if they will present a difficulty for anyone trying to get to us, we would put out a ramp or try to be available to help negotiate them in any way we can. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Renew Your Membership

We are currently working out the kinks in our shopping cart. In the mean time, you can renew your membership using the donate button. Please donate $15.75 for single membership or $26.25 for couples’ membership. Please email memberships@cecildemocratclub.org with your name and mailing address so we have everything for our records.

Who We Are

We are open to all Democrats of Cecil County. Residents of other counties and those under the voting age may join as associate or junior members. We volunteer to further the mission of the Democratic Party, provide social opportunities for Dems, and serve the local community. Join us today.

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