Goals for 2023 

Committees and Work Teams are the basis for implementing the goals of the Club. 

Members are encouraged to select a project they are passionate about, have some experience with, or would like to learn more about, and sign up to become a part of the organizing team.  Worksheets will be available at the February General meeting that will help team members define the project, set up a timeline and identify resources.  Worksheets can be a tool to report on project progress to the Board each month, to  request input & support from the board members, such as inviting speakers,  scheduling announcements, press releases, & other communications, obtaining Club supplies and equipment, and submitting a budget request for funding from Club.


The Social Media group met in January and reviewed guidelines developed in 2019.  Incoming Corresponding Secretary Lindsay Bergman-Debes is working to overhaul of the Guidelines and come up with a comprehensive communications plan/strategy for the Club.  Lindsay is working on a master’s degree in Strategic Communications at University of Delaware, and will be applying her advanced skill set to help expand the visibility of the Club, make greater strides in achieving our goals and objectives, and promote the causes we believe in. If you are interested in helping with social media for the Club, please reach out.

Access to the Cecil County Administration Building

Immediate Past President Heidi Gaultney and Maryann Othello explored the possibility of regaining access to the Elk Meeting room at the Cecil County Administration Building.  As many members may recall, this was the venue for Club General meetings prior to the pandemic and renovations to the Administration Building.  According to a member of the Executive staff, this space will no longer be available for meetings after 4:30 PM because they don’t have the staff to keep the building open. The Elk room is available weekdays during the 8:00 to 4:30 time frame.  Alternatively, the Club could reserve another room in the building on evenings when the County Council is meeting in the Elk room, as staff are retained to keep the building open.  Neither of those options are useful for the Club. With regard to technical equipment, our emissaries learned that this is not available for use, particularly since they have “had a significant upgrade to the equipment recently.” It seems that under the leadership of Danielle Hornberger, Cecil County is going backwards in services to the county residents.