The following is a letter sent to the Board of Education on behalf of the Democrat Club. We encourage individuals to reach out to the Board of Education as well. Let them know that hate has no home in Cecil County!

To Whom It May Concern:

The Cecil County Democrat Club was made aware of the most recent of several posts containing hateful rhetoric towards the LGBTQ+ community by Board of Education member Renee Dixon on her social media account. While the post was made on her personal account, the post was publicly available and could be viewed by students and any other member of the public.  This is far from the first time Ms. Dixon has done this, as there are many other posts in the past also filled with hateful rhetoric.

While the first amendment does guarantee Ms. Dixon’s right to say what she pleases, her role representing our diverse student body makes her hate speech especially problematic. As someone who is tasked with making sure our students feel safe and included, her public posts about sexual orientation and gender identity are not only divisive but they also create an unsafe environment for our students as it may encourage others to act in the same manner towards students in the LGBTQ+ community who already face enough ostracization and bullying as it is. This behavior from someone in a leadership position is completely unacceptable and beyond reproach. By her choice of posts, she shows that she cannot be expected to advocate for all children in Cecil County, 

We are calling for Ms. Dixon’s immediate resignation as she has repeatedly demonstrated that she is unwilling to represent and serve ALL students in Cecil County, and is unfit to serve on a Board of Education for a district that strives for equitable education for all students.

Thank you,

Cecil County Democrat Club