Our various committees allow members to get involved and volunteer in areas that they have special interest in. Members are welcome to join multiple committees. Committees meet separately from the general meeting and report back on their activities.

Events & Fundraising

Our events & fundraising committee plans and executes events such as our appearance at the Cecil County Fair and fundraisers like our annual fall barbecue.

Community Service

Our community service committee organizes our Adopt-a-Highway events and other service within our local communities.


You’ll see our elections committee members out and about registering people to vote. This committee also works with the Central Committee on candidate interaction and phone banking.

Science & Environment Committee

The science & environment committee encourages and conducts political action on all Science and Environment-related topics. The committee encourages members to pro-actively identify legislation, communicate their findings, and lobby our Representatives regarding pertinent legislation.


Education Committee

The education committee focuses on education legislation awareness. It also oversees the administration of our Cecil College scholarship by judging essays written by local applicants.

Bylaws Committee

Our bylaws committee reviews and adjusts our bylaws as necessary.

Social Media Committee

Our social media committee discusses best practices and plans our social media posts.