Meet the Board

2023-2024 Board

Liz Dubravcic - President

Liz DubravcicLiz recently retired after 37 years working as a planner, evaluator and training administrator in vocational education research, community affairs and health and social services. She and her husband Evangelos moved to Cecil County in 1987 where they raised two children. “We fell in love with the rural character and natural beauty of the county’s rolling hills, family-owned farms, woodland preserves and the bay. My parents emigrated from war torn Yugoslavia in the ’50s, seeking the promise of a better life, democracy, and freedom in the West. In high school, I remember studying the principles of democracy, and feeling both proud and fortunate be a part of this great nation, where laws rule, and leaders are elected by the people. Then in 2000, I watched in dismay the outcome of the presidential race, and the subsequent chipping away of the democracy my parents had sacrificed so much to bring us to. The lessons from my HS class kept reverberating: “Democracy cannot be taken for granted, its strength comes from each of us taking responsibility to participate, and every generation must be willing to stand up to  the challenges, whether they be from outside or inside its borders.”

Kerrianne Hanlin - First Vice President

Kerriann HanlinKerrianne has been a lifelong Democrat with an interest in politics since becoming eligible to vote. She participated in several local campaigns in Pennsylvania prior to moving here in 2012. She helped elect her husband and a friend to posts as local county supervisors and volunteered on a judge’s successful campaign.  Additionally, she worked as a vote counter and polling place assistant.

Since moving to Cecil County, Kerrianne has participated in the Cecil County Democrat Club, volunteering for several committees, working at headquarters, phone banking, door knocking, parades, barbecue, voter registration, and several marches. She assisted local charities by providing donations of money, food and clothing. She participated in outreach to farmers in our rural community, has given talks at local schools, and served on the Animal Care Committee of Cecil County through Cecil County Government.

During her tenure as a veterinarian/owner of North East Animal Hospital in Elkton she has created strong bonds with pet owners and the local community. She continues to serve in the public domain both as a veterinarian and a member of the Cecil County Democrat Club and Cecil County Democratic Central Committee.

Donna Horgan - Second Vice President

Donna retired with 42 years of service with the State of Maryland, including 30 years with the President of the Maryland Senate, Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. She also serves on the Board of Trustees for Cecil College and as a Commissioner for the Maryland Real Estate Commission (Chairman of the Legislative Committee). She is a real estate agent with Key Realty in Elkton.

Donna is married to Tom Horgan, with two married daughters: Michael and Kimberly Elder and Mike and Blair Burkhardt; and one wonderful grandson, Jack Elder.

Janice Stenger - Treasurer

Janice StengerShort Bio coming soon.

Sean Brimm - Recording Secretary

Short bio

Vacant - Corresponding Secretary

Raylaina Hammond - Sergeant-at-Arms

Raylaina HammondRaylaina Hammond is a Talent Development & Culture leader in the Financial Services industry with over 25 years of experience.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Towson State University and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University.  Raylaina knows that change starts at the ground level and it happens one person at a time. She is passionate about educating a diverse community to make informed decisions that impact Cecil County.  Joining the Cecil County Democrat Club was a way for Raylaina to be a part of a team working towards a common goal. There is work to be done and Raylaina is up for the challenge. 

Past Presidents

  • Heidi Gaultney – Immediate Past President – 2020-2022
  • Jennifer Graham – 2018-2020
  • Lori Hrinko – 10/2018 – 12/2018
  • Michael Welker – 1/2017 – 10/2018
  • Kathie Billmire – 3/2016 – 12/2016
  • Bridget Kelly – 2014 – 3/2016
  • Garrett Billmire – 2012 – 2014
  • Wyatt Wallace – 2006 – 2012
  • Pat Folk – 2004 – 2006
  • Robert Porter – 2000 – 2004

Founder of the Cecil County Democrat Club: Tucker Mackie